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I am a seasoned consultant and developer who has almost 8 years of experience. I started my career as a gameplay and game engine developer, finding bottlenecks and squeezing performance very close to bare metal.

After about 4 years, I decided to try my hand at large scale systems design and optimizations. I joined Erlang Solutions, what gave me an opportunity to deal with such systems across different industries. The majority of my project there was related to instant messaging and IoT. Being a consultant hired by many different companies, I had a chance to work with different technology stacks and different infrastructure providers: AWS, Azure and Rackspace. During that that time I fell in love with big scale and I still love it.

I'm co-founder of Pattern Match, company that focus on helping to build, scale and debug Elixir and Erlang systems. We are ready to help to build everything around the created systems - CI/CD pipeline, automate infrastructure and much more. For more details check Pattern Match website



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